The current crisis has taken this world through many changes.  Each day, each hour brings a new challenge for us.

Let’s remember that our God is a mighty God!  Feelings of fear and uncertainty may be common right now, however God creates circumstances that bring us to greater intimacy with Him.  Because the whole world is in His hands He is able to disrupt the norm and to create a new norm.  What will it be for you?  Will you have the faith of a mustard seed? (Luke 17:6),  Will you rise up and walk? (John 5:8),  Will your faith keep you whole? (Mark 5:34)

Until the quarantine is lifted, I will be offering individual stress reduction sessions at no cost.  Click the link below to schedule a session. Free Coaching click here

Praying blessings and REST and the peace of God over you and your family.  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 3:8).  Amen.

Your REST Coach,
Min. Koren

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