How did Jesus see what others didn’t? It comes down to being mindful.  What does it mean to be mindful? Quite simply, it means giving others special attention. Well, of course, right? But it’s more profound than you might first guess. A person who is mindful is not detached or oblivious; they see what is not readily perceptible. A mindful person is watchful. They have their eye out for what others are missing. Mindfulness attends to details — little nonverbal behaviors that often speak more loudly than words. As the dictionary makes clear, to be attentive or mindful means to “express affectionate interest through close observation and gallant gestures.”  Gallant gestures! Didn’t see that coming, did you? It means that if you are to be mindful, you need to be brave.
The gallant person goes where others may fear to travel. And that’s exactly what Jesus did. When we are mindful, we explore uncharted territory. It’s uncharted because we don’t know where it will lead. But we do know that love results whenever we take a mindful journey.  (excerpt from Les Parrott)

I hoped this encourages you to be more mindful.

Dancing Mindfulness sessions forming now-Several people have asked me about my dancing mindfulness sessions and when the next one is. I had one last month because it was my birthday month!  The next one will be in December at a closed location for a women’s ministry group. If you’d like to host one for your ministry group, let me know by emailing me at:




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