Koren is a graduate of The Eagles Network in 2010, the Eagles International Training Institute in 2011 and is a licensed minister of dance.  In 2012, Koren began the R.E.S.T.  (Release, Embrace, Stop, Trust) Ministries program under the auspices of her church.  REST Ministries is composed of monthly Life Groups, Dancing for your life workshops, Heart of Dance biblical teachings, Restful prayer-points prayer line, and REST baskets community outreach.  Through REST Ministries, it is hoped that people will Release stress and anxiety, Embrace God’s truths, Stop and ponder God’s ways, and Trust in the Lord.  It is her prayer that people find true REST in Christ and encouragement in their journey with Him.

Because of her email marketing approach to promote the R.E.S.T. Ministry  program, her church was nominated Best Places to Worship in 2014.  South Jersey News.

In 2017, Koren authored the book:  The Heart Of The Dance Is The Word Of God-A Journaling Handbook for Dance Ministers, and in 2018, Koren became Co-Leader of The Eagles Network-New Jersey South area.

From the Father’s heart, and to the hearts of the people, Koren ministers from the scriptures, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11.  Koren desires to see more people using their God-given talents, passions, and gifts, honing them, and fully living them out in HONOR and WORSHIP of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Koren is a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County.  Combined with her extensive experience as a Certified Health Education Specialist, she has been able to blend both modalities to assist her coachees to reach success through her 4-step process of R.E.S.T.  Koren enjoys dancing and teaching people about the joy of movement.  Koren is certified as a dancing mindfulness facilitator.  She incorporates dance and movement as an added remedy to R.E.S.T.